Friday, September 11, 2009

Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire CZ Stackable Rings - OverStockJeweler

Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire CZ Stackable Rings

Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire CZ Stackable Rings

Because today is my birthday, I am writing about a set of rings that I would enjoy getting for my birthday. I like this set because it is 3 separate rings, you can wear 1, 2 or all 3 in any combination you like. For only $69.99 for a set of three rings is a great deal, each ring is then only about $23 each! The rings are of sterling silver with blue and clear CZ, cubic zirconias, gemstones. Each ring has gemstones that go all the way around like an eternity ring. There are two options that you can choose from for this three ring set, you can choose to have one with blue sapphire czs or all in clear cubic zirconias. If you could buy both sets and have a lot of different combinations of rings you could wear together on one hand or wear 3 on one hand and 3 on the other hand. This set of three rings are very versatile and I urge you to get your set today from OverStockJeweler.Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire CZ Stackable Rings

Some important information from OverStockJeweler:

Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire CZ Stackable Swing Band Ring Set MORE COLORS - $ 69.99
Chic and fun! This Swing Band Ring Set is made of solid .925 sterling silver. Whether worn separately or as a sparkling set ‚ these stackable rings all feature over 20 dazzling diamond CZ’s in a variety of cuts – all shapes and sizes - as well as one band that boasts stunning blue sapphire stones. With sizes 6 through 8 available ‚ this set has a delicate ‚ dainty feel despite its heavyweight look. Perfect for girly-girls ‚ as well as fashionistas looking to add a bit of playful flair to their dressy ensemble. Measures: Sizes 6-8 available Weight: 7 grams Material: .925 Sterling Silver CZ Cubic Zirconia Category: stackable band rings blue sapphire round cut women sterling silver cubic zirconia pave All measurements are approximate. Designer mentioned does not make this item. Please read our disclaimer.