Tuesday, September 22, 2009

4 5/8 Carat Multi-Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendant w/Chain - Ice

4_58_Carat_Multigemstone_Sterling_Silver_Pendant_wChain 5/8 Carat Multi-Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendant with Chain from Ice
This is a perfect end of summer pendant. Its arrangement of various gemstones reminds me of those last days of summer when the sunsets. I am usually not a fan of too many multiple colored pendants, as they easily can become too overly colorful and tacky looking. This one has a perfect balance and blend of colors that it remains classy and casual. This pendant is 1.5 inches long and comes with a sterling silver chain that is 17 inches long. This pendant has a retail value of $230 and was listed at Ice's already low price of $115 already makes this a steal, but Ice has almost halved it to a low SALE price of $60! ICE also offers a 3 easy monthly payment plan of $20 a month. You can for a limited time get this for only $60 by clicking here.

Some important information from ICE:
4 5/8 Carat Multi-Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendant w/Chain
This charming pendant is a lovely spectrum of jewels and colors. Set in gleaming sterling silver, the piece is studded with a rainbow of rich gemstones. A sterling silver chain accompanies the pendant.

Metal Information:

Stone Information:

Pendant Sterling Silver
Finish Polished
Length 1 1/2 inch
Chain Sterling Silver
Finish Polished
Length 17 inch

Cut Round
Weight 0.48 carat TGW
Length 2.50 mm
Quantity 8

Cut Round
Weight 1.54 carat TGW
Length 1.80 mm
Quantity 44

Cut Marquise
Weight 1.12 carat TGW
Length 5.00 mm
Width 2.50 mm
Quantity 8

Cut Round
Weight 0.8 carat TGW
Length 3.00 mm
Quantity 8

Cut Round
Weight 0.4 carat TGW
Length 2.00 mm
Quantity 8

Cut Round
Weight 0.3 carat TGW
Length 4.00 mm
Quantity 1