Sunday, September 6, 2009

Set of 5 Sterling Silver Emerald Cut Diamond CZ Tennis Bracelet - OverStockJeweler

Set of 5 Sterling Silver Emerald cut CZ Tennis Bracelets
This is the best deal I have found for bracelets. Five bracelets for $189.99, that is only $38 for each bracelet, you will be hard pressed to find such large gemstoned bracelet for less. You also get to choose which 5 colors you want! The colors are: Purple Amethyst, Garnet, Clear, Blue Sapphire, Olive Green, Blue Topaz, and Black Onyx. They are made of sterling silver and 16 emerald-cut diamond CZ stones. While they look bold their weight is only medium, you would think such a large bracelet would be quite heavy, but because they are made with sterling silver and cubic zirconia that keeps the weight down. You can mix and match and wear a couple at a time, or give them away as great bride's maids gifts. You can give each maid their favorite color, so it is a custom for them and not everyone getting the same gift. Pick out your favorite 5 colors and get your set today while the sale lasts from OverStockJeweler.

Some info from OverStockJeweler:

WEEKLY DEAL! Set of 5! Sterling Silver Emerald Cut Diamond CZ Tennis Bracelet! - $ 189.99
Sassy and in demand for any bridal party! This Tennis Bracelet is made of solid .925 sterling silver. Its glamorously classic design features 16 sparkling emerald-cut diamond CZ stones in a luscious colors. 32 dazzling clear-colored CZs alternate throughout the piece's 7.5-inch wrist length. Despite its bold appearance ‚ this item has a medium wearing weight and an interlocking tongue clasp with wing closures for maximum functionality. It's elegance with an attitude. Wear this bracelet individually or stack five of them ‚ either way you will be a knockout. This will also make a perfect gift for your bridesmaids! Available in colos: Purple Amethyst ‚ Clear ‚ Blue Sapphire ‚ Olive Green ‚ Blue Topaz ‚ Black Onyx. Measures: 7.5" in length Weight: 8 grams Material: .925 Sterling Silver CZ Cubic Zirconia Category: tennis bracelets designer inspired round cut women emerald cut cubic zirconia bridal wedding clear blue purple green black All measurements are approximate. Designer mentioned does not make this item. Please read our disclaimer. 9x7tq83dp4