Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hot Diamonds Butterfly charm

Hot Diamonds Butterfly charm - Amazon.comAs I mentioned in the previous post I got this charm as well because it was sold as a set. The Hot Diamonds 3 keys charm and Butterfly charm came with a necklace. I like butterfly design jewelry, although I am picky on the shape of the butterfly. It needs to be a bit soft and round like this one is, the more triangle-shaped winged ones look at bit hard to me. And when I think of butterflies you think of soft, light and delicate. This piece is very unique as it has one solid and one that is just an outline. Also, one is gold plated and the other is silver, which I think makes a great combination. Neither dominates the other color wise and in combination with the 3 keys its a great blend of silver and gold. You could use these charms on a bracelet, anklet, or maybe even on a key chain? They do have a good size clasp to be able to hook on many different things. Click here to buy it from

Product Details:
Metal: Sterling-Silver and Gold-Plated
Clasp: Carabiner
Length: .80 inches approx.
Width: .25 inches approx.
Stones: 1 round brilliant diamond