Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hot Diamonds 3 Keys charm

Hot Diamonds 3 keys charm - Amazon.comI have seen many items from Hot Diamonds, but because they where silver I wasn't too interested in getting anything. Don't get me wrong I think they have wonderful items. But then one day on a flight I flipped through the in-flight magazine and saw this charm with the butterfly charm and a necklace and thought I would buy it and see. I also at the time was reading the book, The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth, so this had a great influence on me buying the piece because the book was talking about your keys to success. So, I got the piece to remind me of them and of course to see what kind of jewelry Hot Diamonds has. I really love the piece and wear it a lot, when I had first purchased it I wore it night and day for about a month straight, I still wear it just not all the time! It sure has stood the test of time, I give it a gentle wash with some jewelry cleaner and it sparkles like new. No complaints from me about silver jewelry, at least not about Hot Diamonds'. Click here to buy it from

Product Details:
Metal: Sterling-Silver and Gold-Plated
Clasp: Carabiner
Length: .83 inches
Width: .20 inches
Stones: 1 round brilliant diamond