Tuesday, December 15, 2009

8 3/4 carat Chalcedony & Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring - ICE

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8 3/4 Carat Chalcedony & Amethyst Sterling Silver RIng
Today by ICE you can get this ring for a mere $35.00 normally priced at ICE for $75, with a retail value of $150. At 1/5 the price this ring is hard to pass up! This large purple cocktail style ring is great for those Christmas parties and New Years Eve party that you will attend. If you want to make a bold statement you can wear it alone to work, job interviews, etc. This ring is set in Sterling Silver with a center stone of Chalcedony surrounded by Amethyst stones. You can get one by click here.

Some important information from ICE.

Purple chalcedony, a lovely gem from the silica family commonly found in quartz crystals, lights up the center of this graceful ring. Delicately haloed by rich purple amethyst this substantial sterling silver ring is sure to become an instant favorite.

Metal Information:
Ring Sterling Silver
Finish Polished
Weight 9.34 gram (approx. weight, varies with size)
Width 1 inch

Stone Information:
Cut Square Cabochon
Color Purple
Weight 3.78 carat TGW
Length 10 mm
Width 10 mm
Quantity 1

Cut Oval
Color Purple
Weight 4.97 carat TGW
Length 5 mm
Width 3 mm
Quantity 24

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