Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Madoff diamond earrings up for auction - News

Bernie Madoff Pre-Victoria diamond earrings up for sale
I thought instead of reviewing some jewelry that most people can afford I thought I would make a post about some wonderful earrings that are up for auction that not everyone can buy. Who would not want to own these earrings! Their total carat weight is almost 10 carats! These earrings would dazzle and impress anyone. I want um :)

Estimate: $14,300 - $21,400

These pre-Victorian diamond earrings are among the most valuable of the Madoff items on auction. There are six pear- and oval-cut stones, and the total carat count is nearly 10.

Update: The earrings sold for $70,000!! All the auction items total was $900,000

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