Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tiffany Inspired Rose Gold Plated Mesh Ring - OverstockJeweler

Tiffany Inspired Rose Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Mesh RingA rare find... a rose gold plated ring. This cocktail ring is one of the 1st that I have seen that is rose gold platted, most rings are yellow gold, it is pretty rare to find a rose gold one. I found this ring very interesting in both that its a mesh ring, rose gold plated and Tiffany inspired. I need to stress this is Tiffany inspired, not an exact replica or associated with Tiffany in any way. It is currently listed at $34.99 which is a fraction of the cost of the real deal. I love this kind of ring it is bold, rose gold(plated) and of coarse you can't forget Tiffany inspired. I think this kind of ring even though it is quite a massive ring is great to wear anytime. It can be worn in summer to the beach or in winter while you are all bundled up to remind you of the warm summer days to come. I do believe this is a great middle finger ring, because of its look and size. For more information click here.

Excerpt from OverstockJeweler:
Inspired by Tiffany, this ring is a fine combination of gold-plated alloy and stainless steel in a sophisticated rose shade. Dozens of individual flexible strands have been woven together to form an elegant, modern look! Available in sizes 5 through 10, this item has a medium-wearing weight. Not an exact designer imitation, this ring is perfect for all those who love to be fashionable. Look your sexiest when you match this with our other mesh items!
Measures: Sizes 6-8 are available
Weight: 6 grams
Material: Rose Gold-Plated Alloy Stainless Steel
Category: rings tiffany inspired women rose gold-plated alloy stainless steel mesh
All measurements are approximate. Designer mentioned does not make this item.