Sunday, July 6, 2008

14K White Gold 1.20 CTW Sapphire & Diamond Ring

iconI ordered this ring as well as two others from to preview before writing reviews of their jewelry. I like to make sure that I have a general idea over the kinds of jewelry sold by a site before reviewing them. This ring has a very delicate and feminine feel to it. That can be both good and bad at the same time, because of this it is very beautiful although I fear long term wearing could result in damage. This ring is very delicate and unique. This is certainly a special occasion ring, not something you wear everyday (unless you have the luxury of doing nothing all day long). The stepping of the sapphires lets lots of light through to give them some sparkle, even though they are quite dark sapphires. The .02 TCW diamonds on opposing sides of the sapphires are hardly worth mentioning as you can imagine they are quite small and have very little sparkle. I would replace them with slightly larger and higher quality stones which in my opinion would make this ring a must have to my collection. There are two other versions of this ring offered on one is with
Pink Sapphires
icon and the other is with
Tanzanite (light blue color)

Some ring specs:

  • gold: 14K white

  • 1/4 inch wide and tapers


  • Sapphires: 3 oval with a 1.20 TCW

  • Diamonds: 2 round with a .02 TCW
      I1 clarity, H-I color

Upcoming reviews of two other rings I had ordered to review are: a 14K White Gold Diamond "Mirror" Band and a 14K White Gold .10 CTW Burnished Set Diamond Band.